Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Why I receive facebook notification in my hotmail account? How to stop it?

Hotmail is a mail service provided by Microsoft and it is famous as outlook since a last few years. It is obvious that when it is Microsoft mail gateway it make sure to provide users with best and latest. Hotmail keeps on bringing latest features to its mail platform and make sure users enjoy best with their mail experience. Hotmail provides only specific mail oriented services and ensure user face no issues for mail exchange but in case if any user finds it difficult using Hotmail in any ways easy help can be obtained from Hotmail Customer Service Number UK

Even though Hotmail is a specific mail platform that does not provides any other entertainment services so that it can focus only on mail services but for ease of its users it provides many useful services right within its mail platform. When you have created your Facebook account with Hotmail you can keep on getting notification about Facebook update. This keeps you update about what is happening on your Facebook account without actually getting into it just when you are using your Hotmail account for mailing purposes. 

stop facebook notification from hotmail

Hotmail is a special mail platform that provides integration to Facebook social networking site for better experience but if you do not want to get notification about Facebook and according to you it is disturbing you can take steps to stop notification from Facebook with instruction of Hotmail Support Number. These are the steps:
  1. Get to your Hotmail account on one browser. 
  2. Open your Facebook account on other browser. 
  3. Now get to your Facebook homepage 
  4. Now get to your Facebook account settings
  5. Now you need to get to notification bar and then move to next step. 
  6. Here in the notification bar you need to select email option.
  7. Here you can manage what notification you want on mail. 
  8. You may select as per your requirement. 
  9. After making necessary changes click ok and then close the setting. 
This will automatically stop the notification about updates that were entering prior to your Hotmail account. It is also possible to use both Hotmail and Facebook as an integration which will never require you to separately sign into your Facebook account with separate log in id and password because after integration you will be able to use it just in your outlook mail platform. 

It is easy to carry out such actions with your Hotmail account because everything on Hotmail is quite easy to use but in case you find it difficult and need easy help you may obtain easy assistance from Hotmail Helpline Number UK and get the appropriate solution in quick time. 

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Resolve the Issue when Hotmail not working with Windows Live Mail

Hotmail is one of the leading and widely used email services among the all email services. It offers wide range of services to the users by which users can easily perform their desired tasks. It provides perfect user friendly interface that offers fast access to the users to communicate with Windows Live Mail, can email configure on the various mobile devices as an email client program, and can do many things. 

But sometimes users confront the issue with Hotmail frequently occurs while they use Hotmail services or the Hotmail is not working with Windows Live Mail proper. You need to Contact Hotmail Support Number UK to avail brilliant measures that you need to observe to resolve down the all issues. 
recover hotmail email issue

Whenever user faces such issue, so they should get connect with tech support team, third party technical expert’s team. It is pretty much easy and effective way to manage your issue as quickly as possible. The technicians will help you appropriately and also offers you precise measures to fix down the all issues. The tech support help and guidance make your work easy so that you can easily fix the issue to get back the access of your account to perform the mailing activities. 

Observe the listed measures to fix down such issues: 
  • Firstly, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. 
  • You may then check your IMAP and POP server settings
  • Check your Hotmail email windows update and if you find the old version, then you may try to update it. 
  • Now, you have to remove the current Microsoft Account, tehn from the Windows Live Mail Program, if have any on your PC and then add it again with POP3 or IMAP protocols help.
  • Then verify your configure Server Settings again.

Configure server setting

With the help of above stated measures, you will easily and surely resolve such issues. It the issue still persists or you are confronting any other email related issues in your account then you need to take help by the expert’s team. 

You need to pick up your phone and Contact Hotmail UK Customer Service @ 0800 098 8400 Helpline to avail instant measures and brilliant solution tips to resolve down the all issues in an easy manner. The technicians are highly graduated and much skilled and offer brilliant tech support guidance to the users to manage down the all issues.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Manage the Issue of Hotmail’s auto-complete is suggesting the wrong address

Hotmail is such a brilliant email service available for its entire users to perform mailing works. The users of Hotmail have faced the issue of sending the email to a wrong person by getting the wrong suggestions for the email address. 

Have You Trouble With Wrong Email Address?

Wrong email address

This is one of the most general concerns for the users and it may cost a lot of trouble for the user while sending emails. Sending an email to a wrong email address can cause you to share confidential information to someone by mistake who may take undue advantage of such information. 

You could send a confidential file to a wrong email address related to your business information and this may cost you business loss, or you may have sent any private mail to a wrong suggested address by the auto-complete in Hotmail. If you face any issue with your account, then Contact Hotmail Customer Service UK is there to help the users to manage down the all issues. 

Hotmail’s auto-complete Feature

Hotmail had such kind of error and still it may occur; it usually works on the system by which you can look for the auto-complete addresses in Hotmail. The information of the email addresses to which you send the emails is saved for the next use of your Hotmail Account. This helps you to identify the addresses for sending new emails and save your time in typing the full email address. 

In case, when you send emails to a specific address many a times, then Hotmail offers the suggestions for the mailing addresses that start with the same alphabet as you have typed in the recipient block while composing a new email.  

How to Manage it? 

manage hotmail auto suggetion feature
Moreover, the entire knowledge of the recipients is saved, and then it may suggest you to the wrong email address as you have formerly not sent emails to the person that you now wish to send one. Sometimes, you might not remember if you have sent emails to the person that you wish to send one now. 

In that case, you would look for the email address in the previously sent list and still won’t see a suggestion for the similar recipient. In some other cases, the email address that you wish to see in the suggested list of recipients may not be the most used one, so it may not display not appear on the suggested list once again. 

This issue is minor if you pay a close attention to the recipient address while sending a new email as you can confirm that it is the same address that you wish to send the email. In some other cases, if you are not trying to fix such issues then it may arise trouble for you. 

If you ever confront such issue with your email account or you are in any trouble then you can contact to the Hotmail Support Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant measures and solutions to fix the issues. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Apply Filter Features in your Hotmail Account

email filter

Hotmail is such a wonderful free web based email service that perfectly lets the users to get connects with the people of world. It provides a chance to its users to organize their incoming email messages as indicated by their preference. You can empower the junk email filter and your undesirable email messages consequently go to your Spam Folder and you can keep them out of your account inbox. 

There is another option accessible for a client on the off chance that you can guide your emails to a specific organizer out of this world in. You can easily create a filter efficiently by clicking on the given option of option in your Hotmail Account. In case of occurring issues, you may get connect with Hotmail Support Number UK to know about the useful measures to perform such task. 

Below are the easy ways to use Filter Feature in your Hotmail Account: 

apply filter in hotmail
  • When you are signed in your Hotmail Account then take your mouse cursor on your name in the upper right side of the screen. Here click on the Options link from the given list that appears. 
  • Then you need to click Mail from the list and once you tap on it you'll be diverted to "Hotmail Options" tab. Now you have to find altering Hotmail header in this page and afterwards you need to tap on the Rules for arranging of your messages.
  • After that, you need to hit New button and a Make Rule page will open and there you need to tap on the Step one from given list. Presently it will determine you what messages you need to channel or filter and easily tap on the Sender's Address link to make a filter for messages sent from a particular email address. 
  • There you have to type name of sender to filter your email messages by a name, Subject to channel your messages by the subject and email messages with connections to filter every one of your emails that have attachment. 
  • After this, simply go to Step-1 that is quite recently beside drop down window and there enter your email id, username, subject to be filtered. 
  • Then open Radio option that can be seen recently under Stage 2 and apply this filter you have made. 
  • Now You can choose an organizer to erase messages consequently, you can likewise include a mobile alert, forward message to another id or you need you can include a banner. When you select alternatives at that point tap on the Save button. 
In the event that you are not able to follow these steps and not able to create the filters then you can contact to the third party experts of Hotmail Support Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to avail useful measures to manage down the all issues. You will also get perfect measures and support by the skilled technical experts to resolve your all issues in an easy manner. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Protect your Hotmail Account with Useful Measures

Hotmail email service is powered by Microsoft. Being one in every of the oldest email services, it conjointly offers you a range of options that you simply will build use of. By simply access to your Hotmail email account, you'll be able to nowadays not only check your email, however conjointly chat together with your online friends, build notes on its calendar, get updates from your friends and do lot of additional things. 

While Hotmail still is one in every of the foremost favored email services across the world, thanks to its quality still as simple-to-use options, it's conjointly susceptible to hacking. Even supposing hackers, after they would like to, will hack into something, of all the e-mail accounts, hacking Hotmail account is taken into account to be the simplest one. Even spamming a hotmail account is very straightforward. This can be why you must continually build note of variety of things that you simply got by Hotmail Customer Service Number to follow to safeguard it from any such quiet threat. 

Hotmail Tech Support

Here are the instructions that you need to follow to preserve your Hotmail Account
  • Do not ever use a public pc which has no security tool accessible to access your Hotmail Account. This action may cause problem with your account. This can be one in every of the simplest ways in which to lose your management over your terribly own email.
  • Keep it always in your mind that you do not constantly use the same password for a long time. This might be a very tough work, however to safeguard your email in the slightest degree times. Your password ought to be advanced and rather straightforward for you to remember it. Never write down on a bit of paper. Keep your password always personal. 
  • You must keep a guard against any quite phishing email. These emails are supposed to only interrupt into your personal data and build wrong use of it and each attainable caution ought to be created use of. 
  • Try and keep your new password as distinct from the previous one, therefore on certify that no chances might be with success applied there on.
  • Continually keep a decent antivirus put in on your system to stay your laptop still as your email account well-protected. 
  • Bear in mind to sign out once each session and clean cache, cookies and history to avoid any style of issue. 
Thus, with the help of all above listed measures you can easily and successively protect your email account in an efficient manner. If you are still having any doubt with regards to the safety of your email account or you confront any other problem, then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the most reliable and trustworthy measures to resolve down the all issues in an easy manner. You will also get perfect measures and reliable tech support by the qualified and skilled technicians to manage the issues. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Solve Hotmail Issues by Calling Hotmail Helpline Number 0800-098-8400

Email Messages are a standout amongst other mediums to connect with your friends and family. It is the quickest and solid way. These days various different mediums have assumed control it, however, the significance of email messages are still there. Messages are for the most part utilized for business reason. There are many email providers, for example, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and so forth. Hotmail is one of the best mail service providers. It has been utilized by a huge number of individuals everywhere throughout the world for its simple and effective features. With a single tick choice, you can separated your email messages, ensure your email messages and send boundless emails to your friends, employees, and family.
Hotmail support

Hotmail Technical Help & Support 

Hotmail works incredibly, however some may face issue utilizing it. It is not a major ordeal, as many of us don't know how to send an email message, how to unblock Hotmail mail account or do whatever other movement identified with messages. In such circumstance, we can take help of specialists who are accessible 24 hours and 7 days. The organizations, who give ultimate tech support service, utilize IT experts who are knowledgeable with the diverse hardware & software to troubleshoot different kinds of issues. They are accessible round the clock, so one doesn't need to hold up so they can associate with these individuals. One simply needs to find a trustworthy Hotmail Customer Service Number and interface with a specialist for immediate assistance. 
How to avail one? 

It is anything but difficult to interface with such third parties. Look for them through web or ask any from your friend or relatives. Without a doubt, you will obtain one best choice. Call support executives on Hotmail help desk uk and find them accessible 24/7. 

The technical professionals will offer you with some suitable solution. Pick the arrangement as indicated by your requirements and let them know. When you have picked a solution, they will interface you with a specialist, who will help you to deal with your concern. They will take access over your PC remotely and take care of the issue. These leading third parties are reliable and don't top into your protection. They tackle your concern as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. 
Hotmail Customer Service
 The advantage of calling at 0800-098-8400 

As they are accessible for the duration of the day or even amidst the night, one can without much of a stretch associate with them. At whatever point you are stuck with some circumstance, unwind and get their assistance. Hotmail Helpline Number is a cost effective way to solve your issues in limited time period. Another advantage of technical help is that you don't get into any huge issue by understanding such issues independent from anyone else. 

As they are proficient, they can direct you appropriately and resolve the problem so you don't face such inconveniences again and again. So if you are looking for instant support then contact us through email, live chat and remote access service. 

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