Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How can i add another email address in my hotmail account?

Hotmail is a user’s friendly email service. It provides many other interesting features and services. Hotmail also provides best and easy options to support your account. If you want to access your hotmail account properly in future and don't want to face any problem then you need to add another email address in your hotmail account as a recovery email. For example if you’re hotmail account is ever locked or the password is forget, you can unlock the account and reset or recover the password using this email address. Sometimes, you need to add another email for change your weak password.

If you want to add another email address as a recovery email then you need to follow these certain easy steps which are given below:
1.  Go to Hotmail web address in your browser. 
2.  Sign into your hotmail account using your hotmail email address and password if prompted. 

Sign in hotmail account

3.  Click on “Account setting” option which is give below right hand side corner.

Hotmail account setting option

4.  Click on “Security & privacy” link and again click on “more security settings” option as shown on this picture.

Hotmail security and privacy option

5.  Select the option for add recover email.

Add recovery email option

6.  Type the new recovery email address over someone@example.com

Add recover email adress

7.  Verify the link that was sent to your newly selected recovery email and click on next button and process is complete.

Verify add recover email link

If you are trying to add recover phone number and add another security option then we can help you to fixing your all email problems instantly via Hotmail technical support contact phone number 0800-310-1044. This number is cost free and provides best hotmail support according to your problem. Our Hotmail technical support expert 24/7 hours available only for your help.

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