Monday, 18 April 2016

How can my hotmail account be hacked?

No one can surely say that how the person got access to your account but it can only happen if your password and Id is with someone else. In such cases only he has been able to get access to your account. 
Hotmail account hacked

These can be some reasons for accounts been hacked:
  • Poor password – Hotmail suggest to keep a strong password because a hacker can simply guess the password if it is easy because hackers has specialized knowledge with which they try combinations and common word password to sign in to others account.
  • Malicious Web Sites – In some cases access to malicious website are also said to access your password and account details. In cases when you visit such sites they give some installation option and as you install this then malware are installed on your computer which can easily steal your personal information. In such cases be aware of what you are installing.
  • Open Wifi – While login from a Wifi make sure you have https option enabled because if it is an open wifi network than anyone else on the same wifi can access your information like login ID and password.
  • Malware – Be aware of Malware it can arrive in different forms it will infect your computer and will gain your information. This is done when you receive and open an attachment or some file. It can be a malicious email attachment, download from a web site, or file transfer via instant messaging.
  • Poor security questions – If hacker is successful in getting access to your account and if your account security questions are very easy he will be able to change your password and then you can never recover your account. Thus select good security question and answers.
If you feel your hotmail account has been hacked and now you want to recover your hotmail account then you can contact hotmail technical support contact number and get the best solution. For further help you can direct dial free of cost hotmail helpline number 0800-310-1044 which is solve your problem instantly.

Recover your account by using alternate email address 


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