Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What are the problems a user face in hotmail?

Hotmail customer service number
Hotmail is a user friendly email service. So as to enable its users to use its services with maximum ease it provides various helpful features. Also with the mail service it provides various other interesting services that a hotmail user can use with its mail address also.
Hotmail takes care that its users do not face any problem in any of its service and thus it provides updated and advanced features. Though the services and features provided by hotmail are very user friendly still sometimes user face one or the other problem.

Some of the hotmail problems that are faced by Hotmail users are: 

  • Login failure – Problem in login to hotmail account.
  • Mail sync problem – Problem in timely synchronization of mails.
  • Mail transfer delay – Delay in receiving and sending of mails.
  • Malicious code or key logger being transferred to the account 
  • E-mail configuration – Problem in configuration of emails.
  • Spam mail – Receiving and sending of spam mails.
  • Missing Email – If some mail that you have received or send is missing from Inbox or sent folder.

Hotmail customer support

For solution to all the problems you can call the Hotmail UK technical support contact number 0800-310-1044. By calling this Hotmail phone number you will be answered by an executive who will listen to your problem and will provide best solution. 


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