Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Some easy steps to add a picture to your Hotmail signature

Hotmail is the worldwide used mail service for sending and receiving mails of private as well as non-private mails. Because of its user friendly approaches and most trusted mails service it is used by millions of user in all around the globe.

When a hotmail user sends any email he had options with which he can add his signature so that whenever an e-mail is sent the receiver will directly receive a signature with the mail and now with whole new facility of hotmail you can also add a picture to your signature.

So as to add a picture to your signature you need to follow these steps which are given below:
Add an image in hotmail signature

  • Move the picture to a web site or server
  • Open Hotmail web address and then login to you account.
  • Click on Options link which is give below right hand side corner of gear icon.
  • When go to more option section you click the Personal Signature link.
  • Now add a picture by clicking on the previous one and then move it to the signature one
  • Picture can be moved or edited.  You can add many pictures to your hotmail signature.

 By adding picture to the emails at the signature your receiver can differentiate among the mails and can get exact idea from where they are receiving the e-mails.

Hotmail email support

Get further help related to hotmail account then you can directly communicate the hotmail technical support expert via dial the Hotmail UK Contact Phone Number and provides step by step resolution to every problem that you might face with the Hotmail Account. Hotmail provides numbers of services online which are solve your problem very easily. 

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