Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mark your important message with Flag

Flagged mark

Hotmail is user friendly email service and it provides many features & facilities to his Users. Mark the Important message by giving a flag is one of the main and helpful features for hotmail email users.  Flagging mails to keep track of them is only part of the task. You need help remembering important messages so that you can act on them. If you can't reply to an important message right away, you can flag that mail as soon as you read it. You can also assign flags to items with a single click.

To mark a massage with flag, you can follow these steps:
  • Open your hotmail account.
  • Go to the mail section.
  • Then click on your message which you want to mark. 
 Finished your work, now next time you can directly open your mail with flagged.

  1. Flags for contacts appear in Contact table views and flags for messages appear in your e-mail views.
  2. You can customize your flags with specific dates.
  3. You can also use flags with default dates like Today, Tomorrow and Next Week.
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Hotmail contact support number

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