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Hotmail Contact Number- Use hotmail Keyword shot curt without using mouse

Hotmail provides various features for their users, keyboard shortcuts are one of the important hotmail features that assist many Microsoft email solutions without using mouse. Any task inside Hotmail can be performed with the mouse, the only time a keyboard is admittedly utilized by most hotmail clients is to type a reply or compose, delete, save an email. 

Hotmail keyword shortcut

 If you want to be told regarding all new Hotmail keyboard shortcuts, following is the ultimate list of all vital and helpful keyboard shortcuts for Hotmail. These hotmail keyboard shortcuts will support you simply using hotmail email account like making new email, deleting emails, replying to emails, forwarding an email, managing email list and other.

To see a list of some keyboard shortcuts in hotmail, need to press the mentioned keys will be done automatically and no need to use your mouse:

Shortcut Key
Go to the inbox
F then I
Search your email messages
Go to your Sent folder
F then S
Check spelling
Print a message
Save a draft message
Reply all to a message
Forward a message
Mark a message as junk
Flag a message for follow up
Open the next message
Close a message
Mark a message as unread
Deselect all
S then N
Go to your Drafts folder
F then D
Select all
S then A
Delete a message
Send a message
Create a new message
Open a message

With this features now hotmail user can enjoy enhanced hotmail. This will save their lot of time and will make their work easier. Even in cases you want to more help related to any hotmail account then you can contact on the Hotmail customer service support center via phone number. And you can also directly dial Hotmail contact number uk 0800-098-8424. This number is toll free and provides step by step and easy solution to every problem that you might face with the Hotmail email account. 

Hotmail support number

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