Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mark an email message as Read/Unread in Hotmail Mail Account

As a matter of course, when you select an email, Hotmail will consequently mark it as "Read": outwardly, this implies the email sender's name is no stronger. Yet, what if, in the wake of understanding it, you conclude that you need to put off acting or answering to this email for the meantime. Simple, you just check the chose email as Unread, to advise yourself that you have to return to this message later on. 

Mark a Hotmail email message as "Unread" 
Mark read email in hotmail
Take after these easy steps to mark an email message as Unread or new in Hotmail account: 
  • There are presently three approaches to mark the email message as unread. 
  • When you are as of now reading the mail: visit the toolbar, tap on the "Mark as" menu, and pick "Unread". 
  • Even on the off chance that you are still inside this email, Hotmail will check it as unread, and will remain that way when you change to reading another email message. 
  • The next time you choose this email, it unread naturally is set apart as Read. 
  • You can likewise check an email as new without opening it. 
  • Click right on the email being referred to, and pick "Unread" from the setting menu. 
The Windows Live group included "Hotmail Instant Actions" in December 2011, such a major timesaver, to the point that it appears to be interesting we lived so long without it! Move your mouse over an email message and tap on the "Read/Unread" symbol to change the email message's "Read" status: 

Mark an email message as "Read" in Hotmail account 

Mark unread email in hotmail

Since Hotmail naturally marks as "Read" messages you open to peruse. In any case, you can physically check a message as "read": 
  • Click right on the email message Select "Mark as Read" from the connection menu. 
  • To mark a few Hotmail email messages as Read, take after the technique described before: 
  • Choose every one of the messages you would like to mark as Read 
  • Click right on one of the chose email messages 
  • Pick "Mark as Read" option from the menu 
  • Now you can also visit Mark as > Read utilizing the toolbar. 
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