Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Top latest update of Hotmail 2016

Hello friends… Do you know??? Recent update of hotmail!! Here we will discuss about what hotmail latest updates and changes for their users with regards of Hotmail customer service help desk. 
Hotmail customer service support
Do you know??? With more than 400 million active customers of Hotmail has become one of the quickest developing web email service with awesome rate of market share. The increasing number of clients of hotmail is the result of the permanent effort of the Microsoft hotmail group to supply the amazing; their sole mission is to give you a definitive email experience without any effort and at any time anywhere. From the day hotmail was launched to the day it named as outlook, Microsoft has done a few updates to convey consistent email system to its clients. 

The most recent upgrade is out of preview as it is to Office 365, which means the preview brand name will be off. Presently, how about we take a sight on what the most recent services or features have to provide you: 
  1. Automatic and smarter calendar and contact facilities such as it will add the flight confirmation on your calendar by its own. You can also set automatic replies or answers and can set inbox rules or policy. 
  2. The more consistent format and functions as it is create on an Office 365-based infrastructure. 
  3. You can now want your contacts in more exciting and expressive way by applying GIFs to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, thanksgiving etc. 
  4. More secure and more reliable.
  5. At any time user adds someone new to an email conversation he/she get a prompt mail or message asking whether want to re-attach recent files or documents of the discussion. 
  6. You can now view or edit the MS office files or documents and images while replying to the mail. 
  7. The new calendar feature called interesting would assist clients to keep track of all the particular events, like one can keep track of their favorite team matches in the Olympic. 
  8. With the new Hotmail version of mobile applications you can include email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or cloud. 
  9. More focused inbox- mails will be filtered on the basis of priority. 
  10. With latest update in the SMTP you can send messages from an email that could not be known by the receiver. 
  11. The next update will allow users to tag other clients to an email conversation by using the “@” symbol. 
  12. With sky drive integration use will now be able to check their files stored online. 
Hotmail contact number

These are just some of the outstanding features which has forced people to use the hotmail email service and yet many more to come. And you want to know about more features and updates then you can direct connect with Hotmail support contact number where you get all answer for your queries. And you can direct dial our toll free Hotmail Phone Number and get the appropriate answer by our hotmail support technician. Our experts are well trained and certified by Microsoft who available 365 days for you help. 


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