Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Create an Additional Email Account in Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is most precise and user friendly email service. It provides you different options by which you can easily access your email account and perform different tasks. In case you want a couple of email account for personal or work motives, it allows you to create multiple accounts. You can create a Hotmail account totally for emails referring to banking and online buying or possibly you want a secondary email address to keep private emails separate from work-associated ones. 

In case you ever lose your password or consumer name, the additional account may be a backup that the password may be sent to securely for retrieval. provides you instructions to create an additional email account in your existing account.  

Create an Additional Email Account

Here are the given some measures to create an additional email account:

  • First, open your web browser then go to the Hotmail official website home page. 
  • Tap on the given option of Sign up to get access to your hotmail email account.
  • Now, enter the username in the given field, click on the drop down menu in the next given field and select @hotmail.com. 
  • Click on the "check availability" button to look if your chosen id is available or not. If it isn't available, add a unique number, duration in between your name or middle initial or different combinations till you spot a confirmation message that your identification is available. 
  • Create a new password inside the subsequent field and retype the same password underneath it within the subsequent field. 
  • The password should be as a minimum six characters long, and can be letters or numbers. Make the password hard for a person to guess. Write down your new username and password and installed a secure location. 
  • Input your recent email address inside the field of alternate email address for password retrieval. You could also create a protection question for the retrieval of password if you need. If this is your first Hotmail address, go away this field empty for yet. 
  • Fill in requested public records and the box of CAPTCHA
  • Study the Microsoft service agreement privacy announcement. Upon agreeing with the terms and agreeing to receiving emails from it and associates, click on the "I accept” button. The screen will immediately visit to your new inbox. 
  • If this is your first Hotmail address, do these given steps once more to create an additional account. 
For any other technical help and support, you may contact to 0800 098 8400 which is accessible 24 hours of 365 days a year. Their qualified specialists are working in the day and the night likewise so Hotmail users can resolve their all critical issues problems at whatever time.


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