Sunday, 16 April 2017

Security Measures to Keep your Hotmail Account Safe

Hotmail is one of the widely used well known email service which is available for the users all over the world. Hotmail has offers many different services with various features and functions to make user friendly interface for the users to perform the desired tasks. You can easily communicate with the friends and relatives by having the email account. Also to help its users in problems, it provides a tech support service which is especially designed for giving the proper support. Hotmail Contact Number provides you some measures which would help you and let you to easily override on the problems. You can get the all needful and appropriate solutions of the problems which you are facing while using your email account. 

Hotmail account securityAnyone can get the email account by completing the basic sign in process. It is also very important to put a password on your email account to keep your account safe. It is very essential for the safety of your email account. The password you put on the account should be very strong and contain capital letters and numbers also. You have to maintain a secure password as it is the only key to get access into your email account. If anyone else know about this then he can get access into your email account and use all your information. 

Hackers send the fake emails to know about your account number and passwords. If you receive these types of emails then you may never give response to such kind of emails to safe your account from any problems. Another way a phishing attack works is to direct you to a web page that asks you to login. In cases when you share your password and account details with someone else, then he can make harm to your email account. When your account will be hacked then you are unable to get the access your account as the credentials will be changed by the hackers. So it is strictly recommended to you to regularly change the passwords. You can get the measures to perform this task to reset the password by the support service. 

Begin to login in your account and click up to select the Mail Settings. 
  • At first, login to your email account. 
  • Click on the Mail Settings option. 
  • Click on the accounts and also click on Import. 
  • Select the option of Change password.
  • Type your old password and type your new password 2 times. 
  • Then click on Save. Changing the password regularly, you should also follow some other safety measures: 
  • Keep your account information personal, never share it with anyone. 
  • Always logout your account after use. 
  • When you are using your account in a public platform, then make sure that you safely logout your account. 
  • Never create a new password which is similar to the old one. Always make a unique and strong password as no one can guess. 

If you are in any trouble, ten take help from the experts. If you optimize the all providing information in a proper way or you perform the measures accurately then you become successful in making your email account safe and secure. If you are facing any problem in this or you feel your email account in trouble, then you can contact to Hotmail Help Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant and best solutions by the technical experts team at anywhere in the world. They will provide 24*7 instant supports to you to overcome on your any problem.


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