Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Using Hash Tags in Outlook Account

Using Hash Tags in Outlook Account Hash tags are in trend now it let you specify a word or phrase that you think is important by putting hash tag in front of a word or phrase you can specify its importance. Like other social platform you can also put hash tags in outlook. In outlook you can use Hash tags in words and phrases. This may be tags in email messages & calendar also. This hash tags can be used to indicate links between the various items. In all hash tags is used to identify and specify links in outlook. To know more about hash tags and its use in outlook get in touch to Hotmail Helpline Number

For example: while you are sending multiple mails about the conference to be held in your office you can add hash tags # conference in different mails. This can also be added to emails, events, and meetings. Now when you want to check all the mails that you have sent for the conference you can simply search it with has tags conference (# conference). When you will search with this outlook web search option will display the results of all items including Mail Calendar and attachments that has the same hash tags and keyword. 

Hash tags in outlook
Adding the hash tags to email messages & meeting request: 
  1. While sending a mail add hash tag # in the subject line of an email message and now without any space enter the name you want to tag as hash tag. This will appear the list containing tags that already exist. A user may choose from this existing list or can add a new hash tag as per wish. One can also add this hash tag in any part of body of a mail, in a calendar for adding an event. 
  2. Now simply type the message you want the person or group to receive. 
  3. After finishing your email messages or calendar event click send. 
Searching of the item that was added with hash tag in outlook: 

Hash tags are added to specify the importance of the item. Once added this hash tags can be searched with the web search option of the outlook. So as to get results of items as a list with hash tags enter the hash tag in the web search option and now choose from the appeared hash tag list. This list includes the list of hash tags that have been added previously in the email message or calendar event. Once you will select the desired hash tag you want to get results of outlook will display the list of all items with that hash tags. 

This makes it very easy to add and display hash tags results in outlook for getting easy help to same call Hotmail Helpline Number UK.