Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Restore the Permanently Deleted Files from Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the most widely famous and used in all over the world. It is very popular due to its advanced and high tech workable features which are very helpful for the users. It gives a perfect setup to create your own email account and perform the specific tasks such as sending and receiving emails, photos, videos and much more to your friends and relatives. It is suitable as it provides a user friendly interface to the users to run their email account in the desired way. Hotmail Contact Number is available for you to give you suitable and appropriate measures in solving the problems and provides instructions to perform any task. You can instantly get the perfect solution of any kind of Hotmail related problem or you get measures to perform any specific task. 

Recover Deleted file

Whenever you are using your email account, and you accidentally delete an email or any other saved document in your email account. As that message is very necessary for you because it contains some useful matter. When you delete it by chance then you realize that you done the wrong thing, then you think that there is not any way to recover that message. If you also assume that there is nothing that you can do and that email is simply lost forever. But actually, that message is still in your email account, but you just need to know where to look for them.

Instructions given by the support service team to recover the deleted file: 
  • When you delete the document or any file, then stop what you are doing and exit any window you were open. The file is still saved on your system, but your system only holds it for so long and only holds certain number of files, so looking at other emails or visiting to other sites could overwrite your system and delete that email that you want back. 
  • After then click on the Start button located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Then click on the Control Panel from the provided options in the list located in the second column of the pop-up menu.
  • Select option Network and Internet Connections, then you may click on the icon of Internet Options. Now a pop-up menu of Settings is appearing, then click on it. This will take you forward and an option of View Files is displayed then you may click on it. 
  • Click on all the files of Hotmail. All the files will be timestamped, so if you know what time you delete that vital file then you are close to your search. When you find that file that you want to recover, then right click on that file and select the option of Copy. Then you may paste that file to your any desired place in your system. This will save that file in the format of Word file. 
  • Then you may sent that file back to your email address as an attachment by simply composing an email, attaching the file and putting your email address in the send to section. Then it is seen in your inbox. This file saves in your email account and now you are able to send it to others. 
For any terms and queries or you are in any trouble, then you may simply contact to the Hotmail Contact Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant and best solutions by the technicians who are highly qualified in resolving the problems. You may also get 24*7 help and support to settle down the problems.

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  1. I am using Hotmail from last one year..Not Even face any kind of problem but recently by chance the important file deleted by me on Hotmail and I was worried about how to restore it..
    but this post really help me a lot..
    Thank you for posting that kind of helpful article..

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