Friday, 25 August 2017

Keep the Digital Information as Top Secret with Hotmail

Microsoft Hotmail is not just an email service, it may hold an entire computing experience in itself. When you require communicating, sharing and editing in docs, stay organized with the Outlook and bring the electronic communication at one place, or even share photos up to 10 GB, you can do all in a tension free way as it has an advanced spam protection features based on smart screen technology which provides connection time filtering, content filtering, block list and safe list preferences, time travelling filters, and some other vial landscapes. Hotmail Customer Service Number is also there to provide you instant help and measures. 

It has increased the storage capacity from 2GB to unlimited in the latest edition without any compromise in functions. Share more with the Hotmail account via connecting it with your social network, you can import your Facebook email addresses and share files and folders with your relatives and friends. 

Thus the Hotmail is bursting with the features and no doubt the responsibilities due to growing expectations. No doubt most of you would be on the verge of shifting your email account and millions have already done with that. Well is is a good sign for the Microsoft and the Windows Live, and the brand is ready to take the charge with the Hotmail Tech Support. As a user, there may be several issues with your email account. It can be temporarily blocked, email send and receive problems, picture upload and file attachment issues, login issues, security issues and many more. At the times, it can culminate into the serious problem when it has been compromised, as it can be used to send spam emails besides retrieving your personal information. 

Keep Digital Information as Top Secret

As the tech support team is live with 24*7 set up and is remotely feasible, you can expect the instant support to resolve any pertaining issues. Some trivial issue related to the temporarily account ban are quite easy to fix and you just need to validate it with your mobile number that you are the real owner of this email account. 

Hotmail help can be accessed easily to setup and configure the Hotmail account with the Microsoft Outlook, Express and Entourage. Experts can also assist in syncing the email account with the handheld smart phone devices, via the level of support will vary across Android, Windows Phone, iPhone etc. while the steps to configure push email with the synced contacts and calendars will vary, but most of the times the steps are quite similar as you have to explore the email service on mobile phone and navigate to the Add Account, enter the full Hotmail Address with the password and select the option of Manual Setup. Likewise, the rest of the procedure is quite simple as go with the setting email with Outlook or any other email service. 

If you are getting any trouble with this, then you can contact to the Hotmail Customer Service Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and measures to fix the issues. 


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