Monday, 16 October 2017

Steps to do when your Hotmail Account is Unable to Sync with Android

Hotmail is truly a brilliant email service that is widely used and gives perfect access to the users to create their own email account and thus easily communicate with the peoples. You can use your account on your android device by syncing hotmail with android. It is easy to sync the Hotmail on account but if you are facing any difficulty in syncing Hotmail on the android device, then don’t be panic. There are some issues occur that also interrupt your work. This issue is annoying and don’t let you to use the account in a desired manner. You can take help from the Hotmail Customer Service Number to know about the useful measures and instructions to sync the Hotmail Account on the Android device. To get in touch with this, you have to connect with the tech support team by making a toll free call to the technical support technicians. 

sync you hotmail on android

There are the steps that you need to follow to sync your Hotmail Account on android:
  • Firstly, be sure about the settings of your internet connect as your device can’t catch the Wi-Fi or internet connection properly.
  • Now try to delete and then add your hotmail Account on your android device, ensure by using the appropriate settings to confirm it. 
  • Certify your account credentials are correct like username and the password.
  • Be sure that the option of Auto Sync Data is turned On. Now go to the Settings, then go to Data Usage, then Menu and then switch to the option of Auto Sync Data to check it enable. 
  • Now try to delete the cache and data. You may go to settings then go to Applications then choose for Manage Applications and then click on All and then select the name of the app in the question and then switch to the Clear Cache and Clear Data option and clear them all.
  • Now try to restart your android device again to smoothly and properly function. 
  • Try to use another browser to your syncing process.
  • Verify the settings of your incoming and outgoing server are connected properly or not. 
Here your problem will be solved and you can get access of your email account on your android device. Still the issue is occurring and if you have any issue to pursue the above methods or steps, then you need to take help from the expert’s team. In case of having any issue or you confront any problem, you may directly contact to the Hotmail Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the reliable and brilliant solutions to fix down the all issues with the help of third party technical experts team. The technicians who are appointed to provide help to the customers are highly qualified and have years of experience in providing services. They will also provide proper guidance and assistance to the customers to settle down their all issues.


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