Thursday, 18 January 2018

Manage the Issue of Hotmail’s auto-complete is suggesting the wrong address

Hotmail is such a brilliant email service available for its entire users to perform mailing works. The users of Hotmail have faced the issue of sending the email to a wrong person by getting the wrong suggestions for the email address. 

Have You Trouble With Wrong Email Address?

Wrong email address

This is one of the most general concerns for the users and it may cost a lot of trouble for the user while sending emails. Sending an email to a wrong email address can cause you to share confidential information to someone by mistake who may take undue advantage of such information. 

You could send a confidential file to a wrong email address related to your business information and this may cost you business loss, or you may have sent any private mail to a wrong suggested address by the auto-complete in Hotmail. If you face any issue with your account, then Contact Hotmail Customer Service UK is there to help the users to manage down the all issues. 

Hotmail’s auto-complete Feature

Hotmail had such kind of error and still it may occur; it usually works on the system by which you can look for the auto-complete addresses in Hotmail. The information of the email addresses to which you send the emails is saved for the next use of your Hotmail Account. This helps you to identify the addresses for sending new emails and save your time in typing the full email address. 

In case, when you send emails to a specific address many a times, then Hotmail offers the suggestions for the mailing addresses that start with the same alphabet as you have typed in the recipient block while composing a new email.  

How to Manage it? 

manage hotmail auto suggetion feature
Moreover, the entire knowledge of the recipients is saved, and then it may suggest you to the wrong email address as you have formerly not sent emails to the person that you now wish to send one. Sometimes, you might not remember if you have sent emails to the person that you wish to send one now. 

In that case, you would look for the email address in the previously sent list and still won’t see a suggestion for the similar recipient. In some other cases, the email address that you wish to see in the suggested list of recipients may not be the most used one, so it may not display not appear on the suggested list once again. 

This issue is minor if you pay a close attention to the recipient address while sending a new email as you can confirm that it is the same address that you wish to send the email. In some other cases, if you are not trying to fix such issues then it may arise trouble for you. 

If you ever confront such issue with your email account or you are in any trouble then you can contact to the Hotmail Support Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant measures and solutions to fix the issues. 

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